Punk picnic should be required exercise once a month, best motivational/inspirational plan with Erroma performing out of the big Botxo.

Summertime...and the living is easy

Striking back and stronger than ever

One of the most active punks in the area. Since back in the day members of 100Hongos, Ze izen, Zülo, Txizaparrazta,
Metralleta, Erantzun, Diskoirää, Ezereza and and more killer bands. Based in basements of Vista Alegre, home of fast and
angry youth, and a place to spit out all the shit against peroxide hair tourist invasion in town. They are also one of the guilties
of creation and develop of squat Putzuzulo dream factory. Now performing with Ernia, new hc-crust band with lux drummer
also in Anestesia, Ira et decessus and Kamikaze.

Small town ethics are not faced with punkroutine anymore, when old kitchen soldiers shared art and science of food
with young hungry peeps  

Play fast, play loud, up sunday hardcore matinees